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Ron Ross - President

Ron Ross began his career in the alarm industry in 1979. Prior to the start of Vigilante Security, Inc., Ron rose from the ranks of the building industry as one of the youngest ever in Michigan to be a licensed residential builder. Ron's extensive knowledge of construction helped launch Vigilante Security, Inc., into a leader in Michiganís alarm market. Originally designed as a residential alarm company, Ron saw a need to provide alarm services to commercial, industrial, and government markets as well. Soon commercial sales were skyrocketing way beyond his expectations. Taking the need a step further, he opened Vigilante Securityís central station monitoring services in 1986 with only 400 accounts. Today, with the help of Vigilante Securityís sister company, Michigan Monitoring Service, Vigilante Security now monitors 40,000 accounts across the entire country. Ron Rossí plans are far from complete. He plans to expand Vigilante Security, Inc., into markets and services that will move Vigilante Security, Inc., forward for years to come.

Douglas VanSice - General Manager

Douglas VanSice, General Manager has over twenty years of alarm industry experience. Starting as a technician Doug worked his way up to General Manager. Doug currently, along with his duties as General Manager, teaches safety and training classes covering all aspects of alarm installation and service.

Mike Riley - Director of Central Station Operations

Mike Riley is the Director of Central Station Operations for a Detroit Suburb based alarm installation/service company and nationwide alarm monitoring company. He has been in the security industry for over twenty-five years and is experienced in all aspects of an alarm company including operations, management, and the Central Station. Mike was previously a deputy sheriff as well as a volunteer emergency medical technician and firefighter. He has been a freelance photographer for over thirty years. Newspapers in Cleveland and Detroit have printed his pictures. Mike's personal interests include photojournalism, classic rock music, and computers.

Angela Edwards - Central Station Supervisor

Angela Edwards, shift supervisor has been in the alarm industry for approximately seventeen years. The central station is where she aids in monitoring of residential, commercial and agricultural alarms in the Metro Detroit area and across the United States. She is responsible for the scheduling, evaluations, and interviews for central station dispatchers.

Yolanda Grayer - Central Station Shift Supervisor

Yolanda Grayer is a Central Station Supervisor and trainer for Michigan Monitoring and has over fifteen years alarm dispatching experience. Yolanda is one of the top dispatch trainers in the industry where her patience, understanding and guidance have given Michigan Monitoring some of the industry’s best alarm dispatchers. She is a welcome addition to our family of service minded individuals.

Alice Brody - Controller






Candas Wood - Systems and Data Manager

Candas Wood has spent more than seventeen years in the security industry and is familiar with almost all aspects of the business including administrative support, billing and management. She started as a dispatcher with Michigan Monitoring Service thirteen years ago and quickly rose through the ranks of the company. Most recently she holds the title Systems and Data Manager and her responsibilities include overseeing the data entry department, data extraction, setting up new modules of the monitoring and billing software and development of user training. Candas holds Novell and Microsoft certifications and has designed programs relating to inventory control and sales for multiple small companies.






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